<aside> 💡 Any user can add a referral or create a referral link in Ashby from their home page, regardless of their permissions.


Direct Referrals vs Referral Links

With a direct referral, you can add in one candidate’s details at a time and submit them to be reviewed for a role.

With a referral link, you can post the job board or a specific job posting to your network (for example, on LinkedIn) and anyone who applies via that link will be credited to you.

Adding a Direct Referral


You can refer a candidate directly for a role in the ‘Referrals’ section of the Home page.


Click ‘+ Referral’ and select ‘+ Add Direct Referral’ to get started.

When adding a direct referral, you’ll be required to add in the candidate’s name and email address and specific the role they are being referred for.

You will also have the option to upload a resume, add their phone number, a link to their website and any notes. An admin can customize the referral form, so you may see some additional or different options here from the form pictured.

A referred candidate will automatically be added to the ‘Application Review’ stage in the candidate pipeline for the specified role.


Creating a Referral Link

Referral links allow you to post a link to a specific role (or to the job board in general) and candidates who apply via that link will automatically be credited to you.