<aside> πŸ’‘ This guide will walk you through integrating your Zinc account with Ashby, allowing you to send background check requests as assessments in your interview plans.


Section overview:

Integration Overview

<aside> πŸ”— This integration enables you to send Zinc background check requests as assessments within Ashby.


Connect Zinc with Ashby

Step 1. Log into your Zinc account, go to your Settings by clicking on your name in the bottom lefthand corner. Click on the β€œCompany” ****tab ****and scroll down to the ATS Integrations section. Click on β€œGenerate API Key” and copy the value provided.

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Ashby Setup

Step 2: Navigate to Ashby and select β€œAdmin”. Next, click β€œIntegrations” on the left panel of the screen. Select Zinc and click β€œEnable Zinc”.

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Step 3: Paste the Zinc API key that you copied from your Zinc account into the β€œZinc API Key” section in the Ashby app.

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Step 4: Select β€œAshby API Key” and create a new API key. You won’t need to copy the Ashby API Key.

Step 5: Adding assessments. There are three available options:

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