<aside> 💡 This guide will walk you through integrating your Interview account with Ashby, allowing you to use live interviews and take-home tests in your interview plans and when scheduling interviews with candidates.


Section overview:

Integration Overview

<aside> 🔗 CoderPad is a technical interview platform to help candidates easily share their skills – and ensure you understand how they work. This integration enables the generation and attachment of CoderPad Live Interview Links when scheduling candidate interviews.


Get your API Key from CoderPad

Step 1. Log into your Interview account and then follow the instructions in this link to obtain your API key.

Ashby Setup

Step 2: Navigate to Ashby and select “Admin”. Next, click “Integrations” on the left panel of the screen. Select CoderPad Interview and click “Enable CoderPad Interview”.

CleanShot 2022-12-12 at 12.31.08@2x.png

Step 3: Paste the Interview API key that you obtained from your Interview account into the “CoderPad Interview API Key” section in the Ashby app.

CleanShot 2022-12-12 at 13.10.56@2x.png

Step 4: Lastly, select Ashby API Key and create a new API key. You won’t need to copy the Ashby API Key.

Adding Take-Home Tests

Step 5: Now that the integration is configured, you can start sending CoderPad take-home assessments to candidates.