<aside> 🎉 Welcome to Ashby! We couldn't be more excited to help you get started as an interviewer. This guide will cover the most common ways interviewers use Ashby, which is for interviewing and referring candidates.


Section Overview:

Ashby Introduction


Step 1: Configure your personal settings

<aside> 👤 Update your avatar and manage your notification settings in your Personal Settings.


Before you start using the key features of Ashby we recommend:

  1. Update your avatar to a recent photo for your candidates to recognize you
    1. The image should be a square (of any size) and preferably have some margin around the photo’s subject. 400 x400 px is a good place to start.
  2. Update your notification settings to control which email and/or Slack updates you receive
  3. Share your email with your recruiting team to send emails on your behalf (optional)
  4. Set your meeting hours for when you’re available for interviews

Step 2: Take a tour of Ashby

Navigating the home page

Add and track referrals

Review pending tasks and feedback reminders

Step 3: Learn how to interview with Ashby

As an interviewer, you will receive interviewer-only calendar invites that contain links to interview briefings. These briefings contain the schedule, instructions on how to conduct the interview, information about the candidate, a place for you to enter your feedback, and feedback from other interviewers on the panel.

Reviewing interview briefings on desktop